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" Hello Brett... I am having my vacation and the sales keep coming through. Here is the screenshot of my JVZoo sales at 3.8K while on holiday "
- Carlo Viana

Michael Thomas - just wondering how much you've made as a Profit Canvas reseller?
Allen Griffin - " I would have to look but the total may be over $600 to $700 "

The best, most proven way to earn online is to have your own product to sell.
And consistently, software products drive the highest possible profits.

I've generated over $3 million ONLY because I have my own digital products

BUT... Product Creation Is Time Consuming, Frustrating And Expensive

Even if you're able to jump the hurdles of product development, you'll still need:

The whole process is either too complicated or expensive for the majority of people.

That's why many vendors offer resell rights. Essentially, giving you access to a product to sell. Many of these plans sound good, until you check the fine print:

Sometimes all you get is an affiliate link for 100% commissions - meaning the vendor, NOT YOU, is getting the email list

Other times you're sent a stack of files to customize, then are told "good luck" and off you go to figure it all out for yourself

It's Time "Resell Rights" Put Profits In YOUR Pocket

We've developed a reseller system that's completely unique and as DFY as possible. In fact its so powerful... we had to get special permission from the CEO of JVZoo just to make it available.

With LetsMail Agency Reseller,
YOU'RE In Control:

YOU Get The List

YOU Keep The Profits

WE Provide All The Tools, Hosting AND Support

This UNIQUE opportunity lets you sell LetsMail as your own product fast and easy... If you can copy and paste some HTML you can use our agency system!

Just SOME Of The Ways You Can Profit
With LetsMail Agency Reseller:

Sell LetsMail individually to clients and prospects as a powerful, cost-saving autoresponder.

Promote it as your OWN front-end product on JVZoo... even invite affiliates to join the party!

Use it as a funnel element on existing products to add value and bottom line profits - LetsMail has universal appeal for ANYONE marketing online!

UpFront Cash Flow PLUS Long Term Email Profits

You'll now have a product to sell as your own so you keep
100% Of The Profits

You'll build a buyer's list... which is hands down the most profitable type of list you'll ever create.

So you profit both on the front end, AND over the long term as your list continues to grow.

Step-By-Step Training And
ALL Resources Included!

Brett will show you in over-the-shoulder video exactly how to set up your reseller's package. In MINUTES you can be ready to sell the software as your very own.

You get to use our EXACT sales page - fully-optimized and proven to convert... With YOUR buy button on the page.

If you'd like to customize the video to personalize your offer, no problem. Easy to do with the step-by-step instructions.

Once people buy, they're added to YOUR list and NO ONE else's. We have NOTHING to do with the buying process, so your leads remain yours and only yours.

We'll handle product delivery, updates... and best of all:


You Just Found THE Shortcut To The
#1 Way To Profit Online

You'll have a proven product to sell as your own. DFY sales pages, hosting and delivery. And NEVER have to worry about updates or support. There's NOTHING out there that comes close. We know, because we needed special permissions to make this available.

However, This Offer Will Expire FOREVER Once the time below expires!

I simply can't grant these unique resell rights to unlimited people. The time & expense I invest in hosting & support mean this is the ONE & ONLY chance to get agency access. If you're ready to finally do the #1 thing that top marketers do to build their lists and get paid to do it... click below for agency access right now.

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DISCLAMER: The income shown here is real income generated by Brett and is intended to inspire you not trick you. Your results may be better or worse and will largely depend on the amount of effort you put into your business. If you take no action you will get no results.

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