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Hey this is Brett Rutecky along with
my partner, Mike From Maine.

As you may know, Mike and I both send a lot
of emails in our online businesses.

Because email is the BEST way to get your message out, build relationships, and ultimately make sales.

When I first started online, I did what most other marketers did: used a BIG NAME autoresponder.

That Was The Start Of Many Expensive Lessons

Things started off fine with the 1st autoresponder.
Happy subscribers, zero spam complaints.

But after just weeks, out of nowhere, I got this message :


I hadn't done anything wrong and was playing by the rules.

But that didn't matter, and for no reason... I was no longer able to send emails.

I found out later that random autoresponder account shutdowns are VERY common in digital marketing

Overnight, people went from running profitable companies to losing their business. Because if you're an online marketer and can't send emails... YOU'RE OUT OF BUSINESS!

So I took my subscriber list and went to ANOTHER big name autoresponder.

But after importing my leads I instantly realized:
30% Of My
Subscribers VANISHED After Importing To The New Service
Turns out that LOSING a big chunk of subscribers can happen all the time when changing autoresponders After accepting the fact that I'd just lost almost ONE THIRD of my potential email profits...

I got back to sending emails & growing my business.

And once again, things started off fine:

People were opening my emails

Business was growing

I was making money again

No red flags

With HIGH open & click rates... Record low bounce rates and ZERO complaints...

Subscribers Were Happy ...
Business Was Profitable And Life Was GREAT!

UNTIL, one morning I woke up to find ... My Email Delivery Had Hit ROCK BOTTOM & Promos Were No Longer Hitting The Inbox

It was like EVERYTHING had changed overnight

After checking with other marketers, I was shocked to find that major email delivery outages happen OFTEN

Desperate for an answer, I contacted my autoresponder and asked what I'd done wrong. Their Answer?

So Ethical Marketers Including Myself Were Losing Money Because Of Something Bad Someone Else Did

Within a few days, the platform had PARTIALLY solved the delivery issue, but things were never the same.

My open rates never recovered and I was losing touch with my subscribers.

After nagging my autoresponder's support team for about the 100th time...

They admitted to having a problem on their end due to blacklisted IPs from a spammer sending out bad emails.

That was it, I was DONE with big name autoresponders, the high-priced monthly fees, and the LOUSY email delivery.
But I still needed a way to send emails.

Could Single-Pay Cloud Based Email Softwares Be The Answer?

In the last couple years a LOT of cloud-based, low-cost autoresponders have been released.
They LOOKED good: no restrictions on what you mail, no monthly fees, no problems importing lists ...

But I'd been burned TWICE already.

So I took a closer look at some of these softwares... and found some red flags:

Many people I knew had tried these and said "they started off fine"... but soon switched back to their old service

New cloud-based autoresponders were coming out every month, and users kept SWITCHING ....

Multi-User Cloud-Based
Autoresponders Can Stop Working

When Just One User Sends Spam

NO WONDER new autoresponders were coming out so often!

Practically the second a spammer sent a lousy email, delivery for every user on the platform hit rock bottom... and the software became effectively useless.

Even though many of these softwares were well-developed by solid vendors...

Sadly the I.M. industry does attract spammers... and they ruined these platforms for everyone.

So the expensive lessons I learned from all this...

Multi-User Email Platforms
Are NOT The Way To Run A Long-Term, Viable Business Because ...

You have NO control.

The bad actions of someone ELSE can put your business at risk

“Big name” platforms often tell you what you can or can't mail and restrict the subscribers you import

Some independent platforms have limited features, charge extra as you grow, and can attract more spammers by being "IM-friendly"

It was time to start from scratch - luckily I'm skilled at creating high-quality software that works.

I needed an autoresponder I could use to run my own business and offer to others that had the same issues I'd been through.

The goals were high:
An Autoresponder Anyone Could Use That Would:

Provide SUPERIOR email delivery - with no user's delivery being put at risk by the actions of others

Allow unlimited lead imports with
NO restrictions

Let people send unlimited emails with NO monthly fees!

It Took 8+ Months To Develop
And Fully Test

Because this was brand new - a revolution in autoresponder software with nothing comparable on the market.

But finally it was ready so ...

I Started Using LetsMail For My ENTIRE Online Business

It worked so well that Mike and I agreed we HAD to make this available to other marketers..

Finally, a REAL solution for email marketers that demand results.


The full-featured SPAM-PROOF autoresponder for results-driven digital entrepreneurs

With LetsMail

Delivery rates are CONSISTENTLY higher than I ever got with 3rd party email services

Bounce rates are MUCH LOWER than before

Overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email have INCREASED!

(over $17,000 made in affiliate commissions through email marketing in just 60 days EXCLUSIVELY sending with the LetsMail platform)

But What About The PROBLEMS With
Self-Hosted Email Services?

If you've looked into self-hosted email options before, you've probably heard you'll have problems...
Here are some BIG myths about self-hosted email:

I Have Personally Sent Thousands Of Emails With LetsMail And Consistantly Get Awesome Results! :

Even after sending out thens of thousands of emails I still GET BETTER DELIVERABILITY AND OPENS then I ever did with multi user systems!

Plus LetsMail creates and sends emails in a way that the ISPs LOVE

Here's the Mail-Tester.com rating
of a recent promo email sent to my subscribers

With scores like this, emails HIT THE INBOX which means your opens, clicks and ultimately profits go through the roof!

The POWERFUL LetsMail Difference

Here's why traditional cloud-based autoresponders are guaranteed to STOP working:

Users create their email message in the cloud-based platform.

The message goes to their sending account, then sent to subscribers.

The ENTIRE process is being tracked by spam checkers.


Once a single user starts spamming using the platform, the ENTIRE system gets put on a spam watch list.

Meaning email delivery rates for EVERYONE bottom out. Whether it takes days, weeks or months, the result is always the same.

No matter how great the software, there are spammers everywhere... and they take the whole platform down with them.


We've removed the 'shared' email creation platform.

You still create emails as normal, but can NEVER be affected by other users.

Not today, tomorrow, next month or next year.

You won't notice any difference in writing or scheduling emails. The user dashboard is as sleek and user friendly as any leading autoresponder.

But behind the scenes your emails are completely insulated from every other user.

So you and only you have full control over your deliverability!

You Now Have Full Control Of Your Online Business

YOU choose what subscribers & lists to upload to the system

YOU choose when you send emails

YOU choose how many emails to send - there are no limits

YOU choose what's in the emails you send

YOU never worry about a 3rd party company OR spammer crippling your business and email profits... ever again!

Take A Look At What You're Getting
With LetsMail

Be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Send emails with your own website hosting - without paying anything extra... OR use a relay such as Amazon, Gmail, SendGrid and more.

They're your subscribers and LetsMail lets you keep all of them. Upload any lists you want with a mouse click. Unlike other services, none of your leads will mysteriously vanish when you import them.

When you import lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out. This maximizes your ongoing delivery rates and saves you the time and cost of manually cleaning your lists.

Use LetsMail for ALL your needs: for multiple brands or businesses in your portfolio, and to send on behalf of clients.

No extra charges EVER for sending unlimited broadcast messages AND complete email sequences.

Get the key email stats to scale your business. See open rates, click rates, spam complaints and more with the click of your mouse.

Prefer to do your own formatting? No problem - the powerful WYSIWYG message creator makes it easy and code-free.

So you don't have to worry about violating any of the major emailing rules & regulations.

Build your lists faster in any niche with customizable sign up forms you can have ready in seconds.

LetsMail Makes It SO Simple

You don't need to be a “technical wizard” to get results with this.

If you can point and click your mouse, you can use LetsMail.

This software was intentionally designed to be extremely user-friendly, and with the included step-by-step video guides, getting started is a breeze.

What LetsMail Users Are Saying...

"I have used Get Response, Aweber, Mail Chimp and Drip and I find that Brett's system is getting me better results than MOST of these and is certainly MUCH better value. It has all of the features that an online marketer would want with none of the fluff you don't need. I will continue to use the system as it is getting me enquiries and sales daily.
Thanks Brett"
Jon Bowtell (LetsMail beta tester)
John was given LetsMail free of charge to beta test.
His statememnt is in his own words and he was not paid for it.


Generate Multiple Income Streams With INCLUDED Commercial Rights

During this limited launch, LetsMail includes full commercial rights. So you can use the software to deliver email marketing services to others and keep all the profits.

Thanks to multiple sender accounts, you can manage this completely remotely for others... and charge a premium for the service.

Email marketing services are extremely high-paying and always in demand.

Take on as many customers as you want with no limits for exciting new income streams.

Because We Rely On It For Our Own Businesses...
LetsMail Is Stacked With Even More Features For Digital Entrepreneurs

Create Unlimited Lists
Maximize profits with the power of segmentation

1-Click Unsubscribe Enabled
To minimize spam complaints

Powerful Integrations
LetsMail directly integrates with multiple popular marketing platforms

Full Tracking
Scale winning promos & optimize others with complete stats including opens, clicks, bounces and more

Built-In Send Throttling
Keeps you compliant with any hosting service

Step By Step Training
Showing how to setup and get best results from your new autoresponder

Are You Ready To Take Full
Control Of Your Business?
Then you need LetsMail!

Not only will you get better results and make more money
[because people actually GET your emails]...

You can save hundreds to thousands every year in fees!

Here's What A Typical Big Name Autoresponder Costs:

0-500 Subscribers - $19 Per Month

501-2,500 Subscribers - $29 Per Month

2,501-5,000 Subscribers - $49 Per Month

5,001-10,000 Subscribers - $69 Per Month

10,001-25,000 Subscribers - $149 Per Month

And If You're Using A Single-Pay Multi-User Platform ...

You'll be forced to switch providers EVERY TIME a spammer shuts down delivery, effectively putting you out of business for days to weeks at a time!

Now Look At LetsMail For Pricing And RELIABILITY

No charge per subscriber

No restrictions or sending limits

No monthly fees EVER

PROVEN reliable sending with NO WAY for spammers to impact your deliverability!

Lock In A Massive Discount To Get LetsMail
For Just A Small One-Time Investment Of Just...

Get Instant Access Now!

(Yes, that's it)

It would be fair to charge several hundred dollars for this software and it'd still be incredible value.

But when you say “yes” right now, you lock in a huge discount for ONGOING ACCESS to this game changing email software.

WARNING! This special pricing is only available during this 3 day launch. After that the price WILL increase. Don't wait... get LetsMail now and take back control of your business!

Test-Drive LetsMail Risk-Free On Our Dime

We understand that making the switch to a new autoresponder can seem like a big decision... even a software that's fully proven by independent testers.

Of course, we also know that once you see a MASSIVE increase in opens and start making more money from your list, you'll LOVE LetsMail.

That's why we're giving you 14 days to try it out for yourself:

Lock-in your discount by claiming your access now
Follow the over-the-shoulder video tutorials to get up and running
Then, decide if this is for you

We're pretty sure once you start using LetsMail, you won't want to go back to whatever autoresponder you were using before.

But if you decide FOR ANY REASON it's not for you... just let us know within 14 days and we'll refund your tiny investment.

It doesn't get more fair than that.

Click The Button Below To Take Back Control Of Your Online Business Get Instant Access Now!
Remember - the price on LetsMail is going up. Don't wait and come back later to find yourself spending more money... get your license NOW!

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside,

- Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine


What makes LetsMail different & better than other autoresponders?
Lots of things, but MOST IMPORTANTLY: You get better superior email deliverability and it's IMPOSSIBLE for anyone but you to impact that delivery.

Meaning more of your emails hit the inbox, so your profit potential is much higher than with any other autoresponder, regardless of cost.

Isn't self-hosted email complicated?
LetsMail has been specifically designed to be as user-friendly as possible. The included step-by-step video tutorials make it easy to get started, even if you don't have previous experience with self-hosted mailing services.

What about delivery rates? I've heard some self-hosted systems are inconsistent...
Brett personally uses LetsMail EXCLUSIVELY for his 7 figure marketing business, and his delivery rates have increased.

Are there restrictions on what lists I import or how many emails I send?
No restrictions! Upload as many subscribers and lists, and send as any emails as you want.

How many subscribers can I have?
AS MANY AS YOU WANT. Unlike "the other guys", you'll never face additional charges for growing your list.

Are there any monthly fees?
Not right now. You can get LetsMail for a low, one-time investment from this page, to potentially save hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on your list size) when compared with other providers.
Lets Mail-Special
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